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Everything is configurable!. PhpGedView allows you to configure and customize almost everything in the program – from the display theme to languages to privacy to datails of what data users can see and edit. This article is intended as your guide to the various configuration options and possibilities.

  • Program configuration – basic configuration of the program defaults and parameters, necessary to set up your installation
  • Gedcom configuration – apply to the genealogy data (family tree) and privacy, and can be configured separately for each Gedcom. It is divided into sections:
  • Gedcom Basics – basic configuration, can override many Program Configuration defaults
  • Multimedia - how media are managed and displayed.
  • Access and Privacy - section applicable to the whole Gedcom. Other, more detailed privacy settings are found in a separate section
  • Display and Layout – what and how is displayed
  • Edit Options – allows you to customize what facts and events can be added by Gedcom Editors, and in what combinations (for family or individual, single or multiple etc.)
  • User Options - what the user can do
  • Contact Information - how to contact administrator support and genealogy support persons
  • Web Site and META Tag Settings – details of default webpage parameters.
  • Gedcom Privacy Settings allow you to configure who can see (and edit) what in the Family Tree.

You can also configure and customize other aspects of the program

All configuration fields can be found in glossary: