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Bug and feature tracking is done on our SourceForge site. They require you to register, but this helps us to keep you informed of progress and to request additional information if we need it.

Bug Submission

Anyone is allowed to submit a bug report, in fact we really encourage it! Although it means more things for us to do, they play an important part in developing quality software.

Please submit bugs to the SourceForge bug tracking system or new bug tracking system.

Feature Requests

Please submit feature requests to the SourceForge feature tracking system.

We can think of lots of new features to add, but it would be nice to find out what features the community would like. This way we can priorities our efforts to deliver as many of these as possible.

Good Bug Reports

There are good bug reports, and sadly, bad bug reports.

A good bug report is one which provide a good description of your setup, what you were doing to highlight the bug, what you expected to see instead. This will allow us to reproduce your bug. By doing this work up-front you ensure the developer spends most of his or her time actually working on the problem.

Below is a list of things you should aim to include in your bug report:

  • Make the title concise but informative - you have a limited number of characters
  • Include the version of PhpGedView you are running in the bug title.
Detailed Description
  • Include what operating system you are using
  • Include what web browser and version you are using
  • Include what type of database you are using (if known/appropriate)
  • Include step-by-step details of how you came across the bug
  • Include details of what you expected to see
  • Anything else you think is relavant