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Part of: GEDCOM Configuration

User Options

Allow User To Change Language

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Set to Yes to allow users to override the site's default language. They can do this through their browser's preferred language configuration, configuration options on their Account page, or through links or buttons on most PhpGedView pages.

Show Contextual ? Help Links

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This option will enable links, identified by question marks, next to items on many pages. These links allow users to get information or help about those items.

Theme Directory

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Display Theme Dropdown Selector for Theme Changes

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Gives users the option of selecting their own theme from a menu.

Even with this option set, the theme currently in effect may not provide for such a menu. To be effective, this option requires the Allow users to select their own theme option to be set as well.

This sets $ALLOW_THEME_DROPDOWN in xxx.GED_conf.php.