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PhpGedView uses themes which allows greater flexibility over the appearance of your site.


Each user can change their individual theme under their My Account page if the PhpGedView site administrator has configured the site to allow users to select their own theme.

To set the default theme for a site, go to the Admin menu, select "Manage GEDCOMs and edit Privacy", and click the "edit" link on the "Configuration file" line. Click on the "+" in front of "User options", and change the "Theme directory" line. Don't forget to save your changes.

Standard themes

PGV comes with a selection of Themes:


The "themes" directory contains the standard themes that come packaged with PhpGedView. You may customize any of these themes to your liking or create your own theme by copying any of the standard themes to a new folder and modifying it. When you configure PhpGedView, you should tell it to look in your new theme directory.

A theme directory must contain at least the following 8 files:

footer.html PHP/HTML for the bottom of every page
header.html PHP/HTML for the top of every page
print_footer.html PHP/HTML for the bottom of every print preview page
print_header.html PHP/HTML for the top of every print preview page
style.css A CSS stylesheet containing all styles
sublinks.html PHP/HTML to print the links to other places
theme.php The PHP design variables that you may customize
toplinks.html PHP/HTML that appears just below the header.html

For a guide to building your own custom PhpGedView theme, go to

If you really like a theme that you have done and would like it included with the project, you should send your theme files to the developers at

External Links

You can find more PGV themes in an external site:

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