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Part of: GEDCOM Configuration

Display and Layout - Hide and Show

Upcoming Events Block Day Limit

4 hide show 1.jpg

Enter the maximum number of days to show in Upcoming Events blocks. This number cannot be greater than 30. If you enter a larger value, 30 will be used.

The value you enter here determines how far ahead PhpGedView looks when searching for upcoming events. The results of this search, done once daily, are copied into a temporary file.

No Upcoming Events blocks on Index or Portal pages can request more days than this value. The larger you make this, the longer it will take to build the daily database extract, and the longer it will take to display the block, even when you request to display a number of days less than this setting.

Show Empty Boxes On Pedigree Charts

4 hide show 2.jpg

This option controls whether or not to show empty boxes on Pedigree charts.

Allow Users To See Raw GEDCOM Records

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Setting this to Yes will place links on individuals, sources, and families to let users bring up another window containing the raw data taken right out of the GEDCOM file.

Hide GEDCOM Errors

4 hide show 4.jpg

Setting this to Yes will hide error messages produced by PhpGedView when it doesn't understand a tag in your GEDCOM file. PhpGedView makes every effort to conform to the GEDCOM 5.5.1 standard, but many genealogy software programs include their own custom tags. See the readme.txt file for more information.

Add Spaces Where Notes Were Wrapped

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Some genealogy programs wrap notes at word boundaries while others wrap notes anywhere. This can cause PhpGedView to run words together. Setting this to Yes will add a space between words where they are wrapped in the original GEDCOM.

Show Fact Icons

Favorites Icon

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Change this to point to the icon you want to display in peoples' favorites menu when they bookmark your site.

Show Hit Counters

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Show hit counters on Portal and Individual pages.

Show Spider Tagline

Show Execution Statistics

4 hide show 8.jpg

Show runtime statistics and database queries at the bottom of every page.

Show GEDCOM Record Last Change Date on Lists