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Show Birth and Death Details on Pedigree and Descendancy Charts

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This option controls whether or not to show the Birth and Death details of an individual by default.

Abbreviate Chart Labels

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This option controls whether or not to abbreviate labels like "Birth" on charts with just the first letter like "B".

Show age of parents next to child's Birthdate

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This option controls whether or not to show age of father and mother next to child's birthdate on charts.

Show LDS ordinance codes in chart boxes

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Setting this option to Yes will show status codes for LDS ordinances in chart boxes.

  • B - Baptism
  • E - Endowed
  • S - Sealed to spouse
  • P - Sealed to parents

A person who has all of the ordinances done will have BESP printed after their name. Missing ordinances are indicated by _ in place of the corresponding letter code. For example, BE__ indicates missing S and P ordinances.

This sets $SHOW_LDS_AT_GLANCE in xxx.GED_priv.php.

Other facts To Show in Charts

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This should be a comma or space separated list of facts, in addition to Birth and Death, that you want to appear in chart boxes such as the Pedigree chart. This list requires you to use fact tags as defined in the GEDCOM 5.5.1 Standard. For example, if you wanted the occupation to show up in the box, you would add "OCCU" to this field.

This sets $CHART_BOX_TAGS in xxx.GED_conf.php.

Show Married Names On Individual List

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This option will show the married names of females on the Individual list. To use this option you can calculate the married names when you import the GEDCOM file (once only) or enter married names by hand. Calculation works only for the simplest case of wife using husband's name without declension or other modification.

This sets $SHOW_MARRIED_NAMES in xxx.GED_conf.php.

Underline Names in Quotes

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Many programs will place the preferred given name in "quotes" in the GEDCOM. The usual convention for this is to underline the preferred given name. Enabling this option will convert any names surrounded by quotes to with a CSS class of "starredname".

For example, if the name in the GEDCOM were 1 NAME Gustave "Jean Paul" Charles /Wilson/ enabling this option would change the part of the name enclosed in quotes to Jean Paul for printing purposes. Depending on other settings, the browser would then display that name as Gustave Jean Paul Charles Wilson or Wilson, Gustave Jean Paul Charles

This sets $UNDERLINE_NAME_QUOTES in xxx.GED_conf.php.

Show ID numbers Next to Names

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This option controls whether or not to show ID numbers in parentheses after person names on charts.

Get Display Name From Gedcom

By default PhpGedView uses the name stored in the indexes to get a person's name. With some GEDCOM formats and languages, the sortable name stored in the indexes does not get displayed properly and the best way to get the correct display name is from the GEDCOM.

Spanish names are a good example of this. A Spanish name can take the form (Given Names) (Father's Surname) (Mother's Surname). Using the Indexes for sorting and display, the name would display like this: (Given Names) (Mother's Surname) (Father's Surname), which is incorrect. Going back to the GEDCOM for the name will return the correct name. However, retrieving the name from the GEDCOM will slow the program down.