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The Admin Menu is divided into four (4) categories.


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The top section apart from providing a title indicates the current status of you configuration file. This file should not be write enabled for security reasons. Information on how this can be done can be found by following this link.


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README documentation

Opens the README file provided with the version of phpGedView you are using.

Configuration help

Will open all the help items for phpGedView in the current window.

View Other sites using PhpGedView

This menu item will take you to the phpGedVies web site where a list of sites using the software is available.

PHP Information

This wil provide you with information of the current status of PHP on your system.

Version 4.0 Changes

This option will open a document listing the changes of your current verion of phpGedView with previous versions.

Data and GEDCOM administration

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Additional menu items will be displayed as they become appropriate

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Site administration

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