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Reviewing new facts and changes existings facts added by online users is one of the key responsibilities of Administrators. Those updates will not actually be added to the GEDCOM file (sometimes referred to as 'finalizing' a database record) until an user with Administration rights accepts the change. Until then, the changes are considered to be 'pending' and may not be seen by some advanced features of PGV. Questionable facts can be left pending until the fact is validated.

Access to the Accept / Reject Changes control is through the Data and GEDCOM administration block of the Admin section:


Click the Admin button in user log-in, the MyGedView Portal pop-up menu, click the Admin from the "Admin | Logout" links to get to this screen.

The following pop-up window will appear:


While this allows hasty edits to be undone and provides control over those contributors who do overly enthusiastic additions, it can be a bit confusing. Certain fields will only display validated additions so users may only see partial updates. This leads to frustation and repeated editting attempts. Administrators setting up PGV for the first time and creating a GEDCOM from scratch might be worried because their base person seems to be inconsistent in showing some of the information as it is added. Validating the updated information will correct the displayed information.

Once you add your first person, click on the Admin hyperlink at the top center of the screen. Select Accept / Reject Changes option in the Data and GEDCOM administration section. Accept all the changes as appropriate and return to the individual which was displaying unexpected data.

This is a good first exercise for becoming comfortable with Administrative controls as well as adding individuals. The Accept / Reject Changes option will only appear in the administration page when there are updates that have not yet been accepted or rejected.

If you are logged in as an Administrator, the following shortcut will appear in the footer of every page when there are GEDCOM changes needing approval:

       Changes have been made to this GEDCOM. Accept / Reject Changes

Note: PGV can be set to automatically accept edits by specific users. You can add this override in the User Administration section. Clicking "Edit" for that trusted user in the User List and selecting the "Automatically accept changes made by this user" check box. Use this feature with extreme caution.