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The user administration screen gives you access to all functions of creating, editing, verifying and communicating with users. The upper section provides links to the following functionality:

  • User List - list of all users
  • Add a new user - opens a New User form
  • Cleanup Users - basic housekeeping
  • Send message to users - sends a group message to users
    • Send message to all users
    • Send message to users who have never logged in (naturally works only if external email is used)
    • Send message to users who have not logged in for 6 months

The lower section lists the statistics for different types of users:

  • Site administrators
  • Users with warnings (for example if a self-registered user did not verify himself in 7 days)
  • Users that have not yet verified themselves
  • Users not approved by the Administrator
  • Users by preferred language

Clicking on any highlighted entry brings you a list of users that match the selection criteria (e.g list of all Site Administrators or list of all users using French language etc.).