Cleanup Users

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Cleanup Users will attempt a basic housekeeping on the user list. When invoked, it will check the users using the following criteria:

  • Idle - check if user has logged in within the last n months (selectable number from 1 to 12)
  • Not self-verified - user that has not verified himself (or the Admin did not check this box)
  • Not approved by Admin - user that has not been approved by Admin
  • Obsolete gedcom rights - non-existing Gedcoms referred to in users rights.

A list will be presented, with checkboxes next to user names (and obsolete Gedcoms). If you select one or multiple users and click "Next", the users will be deleted.

Warning: the deletion is immediate, without confirmation box, and the user data is irretrievably lost. Use with caution!

When an obsolete Gedcom is detected (i.e. a reference to a Gedcom file that does not exist anymore), checking the box and clicking "Next" removes the reference to this Gedcom in all users.