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To get to the merge records option:

1. Login as a GEDCOM administrator 2. Select the Admin drop down option from the "MyGedview Portal" menu option 3. Select "Merge records" in the "Data and GEDCOM administration" section

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If you want to display a chart with a new starting (root) person, the ID of that new starting person is typed here.

If you don't know the ID of that person, use the Find ID link.

ID NUMBER The ID numbers used inside PhpGedView are not the identification numbers issued by various governments (driving permit or passport numbers, for instance). The ID number referred to here is simply a number used within the database to uniquely identify each individual; it was assigned by the ancestry program that created the GEDCOM file which was imported into PhpGedView.

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3.3.6 and earlier

This feature is not available previous to version 4.0.