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Społecznościowa dokumentacja i zasoby wsparcia dla PhpGedView

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Witaj na PGVWiki, PhpGedView stronie poświęconej dokumentacji i wsparciu, którą każdy może edytować. Nasza społeczność to grupa ludzi która jest zainteresowana zebraniem i zapisaniem historii swojej rodziny, najczęstszym narzędziem którego używamy jest PhpGedView.

Welcome to PGVWiki, the PhpGedView documentation and support site that anyone can edit. This is a community of people who are interested in recording their family histories and getting the most out the software that we use, PhpGedView.

PGVWiki reached 402 articles on April 24, 2019 thanks to increasingly active contributions from the community.

The basis of this site is on text and links take you to different pages where you can easily add text, whilst those more adventurous members can add graphics and tables. The design of the site is such that if mistakes are made things can be rolled back to previous versions so please get involved. If you are not sure of what to do, read some of the help documentation for the site or contact one of the other users who might help you:- In summary

  • if you can improve it or have something to add, do it
  • edit without fear
  • have your say

If you are not confident and would like to experiment in a risk free environment try out our sandbox.



These general genealogy help links will lead you to an area for information that may assist you in your pursuit of your family's history.

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