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Below are a list of things that people would like to see in PhpGedView.

Note that official feature requests should be filed in the SourceForge Feature Requests Tracker.

  1. Image Face recognition
  2. Merging of Gedcom Files
  3. Ancestry Determination via Google and or other methods.
  4. RSS feeds for all of the pages as well as text only views of any page. For printing, blind users, government mandated 501c accessibility laws and simple mobile web browsers. The RSS urls can be good for the images galleries to send to a wifi device such as a picture frame that rotates through images, videos, music and voice recordings.
  5. A downloadable Java Jar url for the admin/editors to be used within Mobile phones in their games folder. Like Gmail.jar or google maps jar that you can download and use on your mobile internet accessible phones.
  6. Calendar Export to mac and outlook and yahoo for synching to mobile phones etc. The format for this export would be in the iCalendar format. The basic framework for generating valid iCal files is in place in ical.php in SVN but no work has really been done to wire this in.
  7. Automatic generation of vCards (business cards, recognized for import by outlook and other devices) for each person in your tree with unique urls
  8. SMS- to send images to a given URL.
  9. more wifi device interactivity via bluetooth or otherwise.
  10. Much more optional information about each person such as their address history i.e. live at this address from this date to this date. History of their education, jobs, medical. E.g. How many diabetics in this tree node versus another .. Uploadable files to each person such as their resumes etc, favorite music, home videos, voice recordings of grandparents etc... meaning many doc types
  11. Multiple contact type such as emails and phone numbers; work, mobile, home, GM onStar car # etc..
  12. An email list program like PHPList integrated into the portal.
  13. Subscribe to birthdays and anniversary notifications so that you can send greetings either a week ahead or on the anniversary.
  14. Most cool programs these days allow a user/admin to create in the UI custom fields (to existing web pages or newly created ones by them) i.e. new fields of all the form objects, new "views/screens" (basically web pages, popup and regular) and workflows (grouping of web pages) that can be included with the current program for greater user customization. I think adding that bit would solve a lot of the above.
  15. Face Recognition and other modern highly advanced tools in such products as http://www.myheritage.com/family-tree-builder
  16. Are there any current or future plans to add any more features such as those at the site above or any others, as in the Facebook API.
  17. I was thinking of a genealogy search. In other words. if I have a family A and I want to know all publicly known names and my complete ancestry that is available, there are free tools out there that we can use or tie in with to enable this product to get me my past ancestry and then use other tools to validate it or not. Say you discover my past family tree or living and then allow me to edit which is more or less likely to be in fact true via face recognition software, white pages (call them up) to get their address, full names, phone numbers etc...
  18. Is there a merge capability for gedcom import with proper merging not overwriting?
  19. This site has some basic (probably outdated) ways in which to use Google to find ancestors: http://www.searchforancestors.com/google/searcher.html
  20. Export feature - With FTM V2009 there are limitations on exporting, but you can export the entire tree. It has been better then previous versions but not quite good enough. When your tree has several thousand individuals, you want to export from a certain individual all the ancestors. Here are some export features:
    • entire tree
    • selected individuals
      • Filter by and fields (contains, does not contain, is blank, is not blank with a value )
      • ancestors
        • include all parents (and preferred parents only)
        • # of generations
        • include spouses (and preferred spouses only)
        • include ancestors descendants (up to # of generations of descendants)
        • need ALL option
  21. Charts:
    • All-in-One