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Here are some tasks you can do:

There are a couple of issues here that have been discussed on user locations and also in the project area. I thought it might be best to have the discussion about languages here. Some of these discussions are happening at other wiki's as well. I have not moved the project material here but the links are obvious.

Sub domains

I am new to Wiki's so how I have it configured makes sense to me just as much the other configureations that have the subdomains running and therefore use en/fr/ A discussion similar to what we are doing is going on at . From reading this document and some others I think the main issues about the move to multiple languages is

  • Do we want multiple different versions of the wiki?
I personally feel that we do not want multiple different versions of the documentation on this Wiki, expecially in relation to the phpGedView documentation, site policies/procedures. Sure discussion in talk pages will be different under the main pages but it will be about how the main documentation pages should change. If there is a need for cross language messages then the LGT's will need to bring it to the notice of other LGT's so that the discussion can cross polinate all the community - alternatively people who are able to do things in multiple languages should perhaps write their how tos/ faq/s in both languages. Similarly if a particular language group come up with something that relates to the whole of the community - such as a How To they need to let the other LGT's know about it and we then have it available in all languages etc. I think keeping the structure of the wiki languages as I have them now setup will facilitate this more than numerous subdomains.
  • Does it make a big difference having subdomains?
I think I answered that in the previous point. NO. The other advantages are that we do not have to register multiple domains etc - it just needs the one location. At the moment that would mean that we need more than a dozen subdomains registered. Seems like a waste of money to me, especially as there may be NO contributors. At this time and in the current setup they simply request to have a language added and the extension on the end of the page defines it - simple.
  • Does the current setup cause more work or confusion?
I don't think so. It may be different for some users but basically it is just where the language code is added - at the front of a url or at the end of the wiki page description eg. pagename/es. I think at the end of the day it is just different.
  • What should be the base language?
At the moment the base language is English. I believe this should remain as the base language for phpGedView is english.
  • Sidebar
The unfortunate impact of this process is that when someone clicks on a menu item on the sidebar it will take them back to english version. I am trying to find documentation on how you can bring up specific language bars based on language preference. That should fix up directions so your language preference will bring up the french (example) sidebar and navigation. This will make the environment much more language transparent. Even now if another language is available it will come in in the sidebar to show it is available.

Hope this makes sense it kind of just came out.

--Laurie Lewis 13:01, 1 December 2005 (EST)

=Quotes replaced

Can somebody explain why the " were changed to &quote in this article? Tom Haws 03:02, 13 December 2005 (EST)