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Laurie started PGVWiki on November 17, 2005.

This is the user page of Laurie Lewis. Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions.


Laurie was born in 1960 at Singleton, in NSW, Australia. I am very happily married to Ann and we have three lovely children, Erin, Lachlan and Brittany. I currently live in Armidale, NSW Australia. This is about 200 km from the eastern coast of Australia and about half way between Sydney and Brisbane. Situated on the highlands we are an area of Australia that does have a winter but not like other areas overseas. I have previously lived in Goulburn (NSW, Australia), Casino (NSW, Australia) and Kyogle (NSW,Australia) - oh I did live in a place called Sydney for a while.

Started looking at my family tree as a result of some initial interest by my Grandmother. It is only after they pass away you realise how much information you have lost. I don't want that to happen for my children. Since I haven't figured out how to live for ever the family tree was the next best option.

I would also just like to thank My Digital Homefor the provision of the webspace that PGVWiki runs on.


  • Computers (Self taught and still on a very steep learning curve)
  • Golf
  • PGVWiki

Family Tree

You can view my family tree if you are interested at

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