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PGVWiki supports multiple languages and this can only be achieved through the work of very helpful users that translate the English articles into another language. Currently, the number of supported languages is limited, but only by the amount of interest in a particular language and having suitable Language Go To's to coordinate the translation efforts for a particular language.

This article aims to be the central place for PGVWiki Translation related information as well as coordinating PGVWiki translation tasks.

Language Go To's

For each language there should be at least one language go to (LGT) person. A LGT person is someone who has SysOp rights on a particular PGVWiki language site and are responsible for coordinating the translation efforts of normal users. These rights allow the LGT person to edit pages which are integral to the PGVWiki site and which normal users cannot, such as the Mediawiki:Sidebar.

LGT Responsibilities

  1. The LGT will serve as the communication link between their language group and the English language group
  2. The LGT must not use their SysOp rights to grant any other PGVWiki users elevated rights unless that user intends to serve as a second LGT for that language (max 2 LGT's per language). However, before doing so, the LGT must contact all English SysOps prior to granting another user any elevated rights.

Becoming an LGT

To become an LGT, you must make a request for LGT status - you will be notified if your request is confirmed or declined. Upon confirmation of your request you should:

1. Setup a login on the English PGVWiki using the same login you use (or intend to use) on your chosen language of PGVWiki

2. Add to your user page, your full name and the following text (substituting <lang> for the correct language abbreviation used by PGVWiki that represents the language for which you are the LGT):

{{User <lang>|LGT=yes}}

3. Start translating pages using the translation guidelines

Translating a Page

Requesting an Article Translation