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If you would like to become a Language Go To person in order to coordinate translation of the English PGVWiki into another language, you should make your request for LGT status in the relevant section below. What this means, is that you will be given Sysop rights on the language of the PGVWiki to which you are translating. This means that you will then be able to edit articles that a normal user cannot e.g. the Mediawiki:Sidebar.

Information for LGT's

Please see the PGVWiki translation page for information regarding the responsibilities of a LGT and links to other articles regarding translations.

You should also check that there isn't already a LGT person for your chosen language before making your request here. If there is an existing LGT for your language, you should speak directly to them about coordinating your translation efforts.

Pending Requests

Please make you requests for LGT status below, indicating the language you are translating to.