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You can start a new genealogical database from scratch.

From "Manage GEDCOMS and edit Privacy" select "Create a new GEDCOM"

Gedcom Menu.jpg

This presents the GEDCOM configuration screen. At this time we suggest you leave most settings at their defaults. You can return later and adjust them when you are sure of your requirements - see the Configure Gedcom Parameters article for details. For now, only two items should be entered

Create Gedcom screen.jpg
Name the new GEDCOM
In the field "Path and name of GEDCOM on server" enter a name for the new GEDCOM. By convention, gedcom files should end with the extension .ged, although this is not required. This name will appear in the URLs for records on your site, so a short name with no spaces or diacritics is recommended. For example "smith.ged" or "myfamily" NOTE: Be sure to assign a name for the file as failing to do so may disable many program features.
Create a display title for your new GEDCOM
In the next field "GEDCOM title" enter the name of the file you want to use for display purposes. NOTE: Be sure to assign a title for the file as failing to do so may disable many program features.

Click Save configuration to create the Gedcom. The Gedcom is created and automatically "Imported", and you are ready to go. In the centre of this page you have three menu options to take you to new locations.

Click here to go to Pedigree tree
Welcome Page
Manage GEDCOMs and edit privacy

That's it. Now you can go to the Pedigree chart to see this newly created individual in this newly created GEDCOM. This person is named "Given Name Surname" - simply click the name of this person to visit their INDI page and then start editing. After that, you can begin adding new relatives (branches) of this person by selecting the "Close Relatives" tab and clicking Add a new father, Add a new wife etcetera.

    Additions and changes to the GEDCOM are not finalized until the administrator (you) accepts the updates in the Administration section. While this allows hasty edits to be undone and provides control over those contributors who do overly enthusiastic additions, it can be a bit confusing as certain fields will only display validated additions. Administrators setting up PGV for the first time and creating a GEDCOM from scratch might be worried because their base person seems to be inconsistent in showing some of the information as it is added. Validating the updated information will correct the displayed information.

    Once you add your first person, click on the Admin hyperlink at the top center of the screen. Select Accept / Reject Changes option in the Data and GEDCOM administration section. Accept all the changes as appropriate and return to the individual which was displaying unexpected data.

    This is a good first exercise for becoming comfortable with Administrative controls as well as adding individuals. The Accept / Reject Changes option will only appear in the administration page when there are updates that have not yet been accepted or rejected.