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The information contained on this page provides information on the options available to System Administrators using phpGedView.

Administrative Menus

Menu items found under MyGedview Portal

4 admin menu.jpg

or they can be accessed by

selecting Admin from the login text box instad of Login.

4 login.jpg

Navigation Tips

At times users will be presented with one of the following icons. Clicking on the appropriate icon will open an appropriate search box.

entre Single Person
4 icons2.jpg
entre Group of People
4 icons3.jpg
entre Book
4 icons4.jpg

Help Icon

4 helplink.jpg Whilst navigating PhpGedView context sensitive help is available for most options and can opened in a new window by clicking on this icon.

Fact Icons

Some themes have fact icons that display in the individual.php next to the fact description. As of svn 519, these icons can change by century, decade, or subtype to allow more variety in the display. Many facts change over time. Military uniforms, marriage dress, occupations are just a few examples. Others facts like religion can vary by type. Now, code has been added to show these changes. The way to utilize these changes is to add .gif files to the themes/*/images/facts/ directory, and to have Manage Gedcoms -> Edit Configuration -> Display and Layout -> Hide and Show -> Show Fact Icons set to Yes.

A standard fact icon is the gedcom fact type in upper case, and .gif as the extenstion. Ie. CENS.gif for census and _MILI.gif for military. We use an "_" underscore as the seperator to add more details to the filename. The decade or century is prepended, and the subtype is postfixed.


  • Century: 1900_CENS.gif or 1900__MILI.gif
  • Decade: 1920_CENS.gif or 1940__MILI.gif
    Subtypes: After dates are prefixed to see if there is a match, subtypes are postfixed to and checked for a match. The first four characters of the data portion of the fact are capitalized, and used as a subtype. Since examples show best:
  • "1 RELI Catholic" becomes RELI_CATH.gif
  • "1 _MILI Confederate Soldier
     2 DATE 12 DEC 1861" becomes the most specific available icon of 1860__MILI_CONF.gif, 1800__MILI_CONF.gif, _MILI_CONF.gif, or simply _MILI.gif.

    There are two special cases in the code.
    1) OCCU + "farm" somewhere in the first 60 characters of the record loads OCCU_FARM.gif or its dated version. This is to match farmer or farm hand. In 19th century America census records, this is the most common occupation listed.
    2) OCCU + "hous" or "keep" to match house keeper, keeping house, etc for the wife, loads OCCU_HOUS.gif.

  • As of svn 894, _M, _F and _U have been appended to account for the sex of the individual. So a final filename of 1800_OCCU_SERV_F.gif will work for a servant girl born in the 19th century.

    I will be adding icons to this page as soon as I draw up freely usable ones. To start with:



    OCCU FARM.gif

    OCCU SERV.gif

    Servant (girl)