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How to create a new page

Creating a new page is simple enough - type in the title of page in a search box, and press the Go button (not Search).

At the top of the search results the line "No page with this exact title exists, trying full text search". Clicking on the link this exact title will create your page and you can start editing.

Please be aware of the use of namespaces when creating pages. More information on this can be found at Help:Namespace.

Things to remember

All page titles not beginning with a number will have the first letter capitalized. If you were to go to gold_version, it would be interpreted as 'Gold version'. Note that the v in 'version' would not be capitalized unless specified. Apostrophes will work in the link, i.e.'s_history. However, it's advisable to not use apostrophes as they can generally be avoided in the title, as in the above case by just titling it "History of Bulbagarden".

Page title conventions in the Wiki community dictate that all proper nouns are capitalized regardless of their placement in a title, wheras all other words are not capitalized. Therefore, in a title, Pikachu, Lt. Surge, and Vermillion City would all be capitalized, but a page entitled "Electric surge" would not have the 's' in surge capitalized. Book or game titles are considered proper nouns.

And above all, don't be discouraged! Your help and contributions to this project is appreciated more than you know.