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Page titles in PGVWiki are composed of two parts: an optional namespace name, and the remainder of the title. For example, this page has the title Help:Namespace, so it is in the Help namespace. A title without a colon, for example, the page, Users Guide, is in the main namespace.

Namespace uses

Namespaces among other things allow a separation of content from policy and discussion. We strongly encourage the separation of the pages in PGVWiki into core sets to assist in viewing, navigation and searching. Maintenance of namespaces is also a key feature in maintaining a key aspect of PGVWiki, that is the creation and maintenance of a documentation source for phpGedView.

Please read PGVWiki:Namespace for more information on how this should be done within PGVWiki. We suggest that you also read PGVWiki:Categories as well.

Note: namespace prefixes should not be confused with prefixes for interwiki linking.