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Conversation between Paul and Laurie

Hi Paul,

Sorry for not getting back sooner but have had no isp connection for a couple of days.

I can see what you mean about it not fitting into any one spot on the wiki, but that is not to say that it can't. Since Wiki's are about people putting useful information up you could put it up as a generic "How To:" document.

The other alternative is to integrate it into the areas that already exist making them more comprehensive. Part 1 of your documentation could go into the Installation Guide, or is there a better name for that link, rather than Installation Guide. Some of the other parts are dealt with in part in other locations and could easily fit in there.

Not meaning to sound rude here :-> but apart from the fact you have created the document is there a need for it to stay in one piece. I suppose I am looking at it from a different angle than you and asking myself the following questions:-

  • Did Paul know about the wiki before he started to write this document?
  • If he did why did he think it necessary to write it?
  • Did he write it because he could not find the info on the wiki?
  • Do we need to improve the navigation/menuing so people can find things easily?
  • What do we need to change / look at?

When we started the wiki we had a bit of discussion about what its purpose etc would be (see here). Personally I would like to see it integrated into the existing format but there is no reason why we can't create a newbie page that just consists of links to other pages.

Let me know what you think either on my talk space or via email.

--Laurie Lewis 09:30, 18 May 2006 (EST)