Setting a Restriction

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PGV has extensive privacy settings, which allow the administrator to set detailed rules on who can see which data, living and dead people, persons not related (or distant relations), and more. An administrator guide to privacy settings gives instructions on this topic. In addition, a privacy settings can be attached to each fact or event. This is especially important if the specific data is sensitive (like ID or Social Security numbers), or the user does not wish for the fact to be visible to all. Instead deleting the fact, one can set appropriate privacy restriction (Gedcom tag RESN) for this individual fact. Restriction works with the global privacy setting, which can further restrict (but not relax) the restriction. The settings are:

Everybody with editing privileges can edit information, everybody can see if global privacy settings allow it.
Do not change
Only administrators and Gedcom administrators can edit; no change to visibility.
The information is visible only to the user himself, and to Administrator and Gedcom administrator, and is hidden from everybody else, regardless of their status. Only user (if allowed editing) and admins can edit the information.
Only administrators can view/edit the information, it is hidden from all other users.