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PhpGedView has been designed to give you many privacy options that can be different for each Gedcom installed on your site.

The default privacy module that comes packaged with PhpGedView has the following features:

  • Option to hide details of living people
  • Option to hide the names of living people
  • Ability to limit the display of certain types of facts. For example you can hide all social security numbers, or all notes.
  • Ability to override default privacy setting on a user, individual, family, and source basis.
  • Five levels of access: public, user, editor, accept, and admin. Public accessible items may be viewed by all visitors to your site. User accessible items may only be viewed by authenticated users. Edit users can edit information online. Accept users can approve or undo changes made online by edit users. Admin accessible items are only viewable by users with admin status.
  • Option to only allow relatives to view the details of living people.

Admin users easily can modify the file privacy.php by clicking on the Edit Privacy option on the Manage Gedcoms admin page.

An alternative privacy module that will also hide all people who died less than 75 years ago, people who were married less than 85 years ago, and people who were born less than 100 years ago is available to download here.

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