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The ethos of a wiki means that the whole community can contribute, irrespective of beliefs or opinions. The result is a wiki that meets the consensus and needs of the community, leading to a more useful and long lived article.

Skills Required To Help

You don't need:

  • Previous Wiki experience - you add the content, we'll format it nicely!
  • Programming skills
  • Experience with PhpGedView - but helpful

However, you do need:

  • Enthusiasm

What Needs To Be Done

Here are some generally useful pages to visit if you want to know what needs to be done on the PGVWiki.

Stub Articles
You should see the list of stub articles - these are short "stubby" articles that need content adding to make them more useful. Selecting an item from the category list will take you to the relevant page which needs attention.
To-do Lists
You should see the list of articles containing To-do lists. Selecting an item from this category list will take you to the relevant talk page for the article that needs attention. The actions required will be listed.
PGVWiki Page translations
Please see the PGVWiki Translations page for details of what to do and how to do it.

A new todo template has been created which allows PGVWiki users to add todo items to a list for ANY page in the PGVWiki. Information on how this template can be used is available here.

The rest of this article (below) remains in place for the time being until these tasks are added to the appropriate articles in the form of a to-do list.

Tasks (Full list .....)

  • Place answered FAQs from Sourceforge into FAQ section
  • Translation of PGVWiki pages. See the list of pages without language links.
  • Move PhpGedView help text to User Guide
  • How to integrate PhpGedView with a Content Management System

Full list .....