Global Fact Privacy Settings

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Global Fact Privacy Settings
This feature is meant to hide certain facts, identified by GEDCOM tags, for all individuals alive or dead. By default the SSN tag is hidden to public users. This is to prevent people from stealing social security numbers and committing identity theft of dead persons. This is probably mostly relevant for the USA. The following fields should be selected:
Name of fact
A list displays the Gedcom tags and corresponding Fact and Event names to select the one that should be hidden.
The Choice element specifies the fact itself or related details. If you select "Show fact details" to limit the restriction to details only, or "Show fact" to restrict fact and its details
Show to ?
Allows you to select the restriction level.
An example of the settings if you want to hide all marriages from public users in your family tree:
Name of fact (MARR) - Marriage
Choice "Show fact"
Show to? "Show only to authenticated users"
Name of fact (MARR) - Marriage
Choice "Show fact details"
Show to? "Show only to authenticated users"
These settings would hide marriages and related details to everyone who wasn't an admin.
Only level 1 facts will be effected by these settings. E.g. you can hide a "1 NOTE ...." tag, but not a "2 NOTE ... " tag. This means that only Events and Facts applicable to Top Level Records can be restricted this way. For example, if you restrict the Address (ADDR) fact, addresses in Individual record will be restricted, while addresses in Residence (RESI) fact will not. To hide person's and family addresses you need to set restrictions on both ADDR and RESI tags. Check the appropriate Gedcom structure to see what will be restricted.
All tags can be restricted, not only Facts and Events. The "Name of fact" combo box lists all available tags. This means that you can restrict for example the Repository (REPO) in Sources, hiding all repository references, or Media Object (OBJ) hiding all media references, or File Name (FILE) hiding the file names in all Media Objects etc.

Used in: Gedcom Configuration – Privacy