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Search For An Icon

This is is temporary page to promote some discussion about an appropriate icon for PGVWiki. I (user:Laurie) did not think it was appropriate just to use the MediaWiki Logo. Resulting from that I asked Ian Pertzel to come up with a couple of Icons to generate some discussion etc. Ian banged these icons together that afternoon as a starter. Ian also did the header image I have put on the Main Page also.

It is my intention to run a poll after we have some submissions to let the community select which icon is most appropriate. Till then please put your suggestions up here and lets have some comments on them so they can be tweaked so we finish with the best possible product.

Ian Pertzel, Australia

[Pretzy can be found here]

Pgv logo pretzty1.png Pgv logo pretzty2.png Pgv logo pretzty3.png


Approve I like the logo. I would like to see competitors. Tom Haws 06:12, 22 November 2005 (EST)