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An example of an Ancestry Chart using default settings and the Xenea theme. The root person, Stanley Haigh (I0067) is shown at the top followed by his parents William Haigh (I0127) and Alice Jane Whiteley (I0103) at the second level in the hierarchy. William Haigh's parents are shown immediately below him at the third level in the hierarchy. Alice Jane Whiteley's parent are hidden from view.

The Ancestry Chart displays the ancestors of a selected individual (root person). The layout of this chart can be changed dramatically by changing the layout display option on the chart.

Display Options

There are several options that can be used to modify the way the chart is displayed and these appear at the top right of the chart.

Root Person ID

This is used to change the root person (the person for whom you wish to display the ancestors for) on the chart. Simply enter the person's ID or click the icon to search for the person you wish to make the root.


This is used to change the number of generations to be shown on the chart.

Box Width

This is used to change the width of the boxes bounding each person on the chart and is a value based on the default width of the box.

Show Details

This is used to control the amount of detail shown about each person in the chart. Unchecking this box will hide all details and leave just the name.

Note: The level of detail shown for each person will also depend on the privacy settings set by the administrator.


This is used to change the overall layout of the chart and defaults to list.


The root person is shown at the top followed by the father and mother at the second level in the hierarchy, the parents of the father are shown immediately below him at the third level in the hierarchy and likewise for the parents of the mother and so on (see below). Each person in the chart is given a number for display purposes (in parentheses below) such that the root person is always numbered 1, their parents are numbered 2 and 3, the grandparents are numbered 4-7, the great grandparents and numbered 8-15 etc.

Root Person (1)
       |____ Father (2)
       |         |
       |         |____ Grandfather (4)
       |         |
       |         |____ Grandmother (5)
       |____ Mother (3)
                 |____ Grandfather (6)
                 |____ Grandmother (7)

Displayed immediately below a person in the chart are the details of the marriage for that person's parents. In the image above, immediately below Stanley Haigh's box is "[2] and [3] Marriage 4 October 1908 -- Rashcliffe Parish Church" this means that Stanley's father (as denoted by the colour blue) is person numbered 2 in the chart and his mother (as denoted by the colour pink) is numbered 3 in the chart and that they married in 1908.

To the left of the marriage details is an icon used for expanding/collapsing the display of the next level of ancestors for the person immediately above the expand/collapse icon.


Individual List

Family List