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I am the person who developed/bashed together the Lightbox/Album module.

I am a self taught PHP and JavaScript cobbler, but just wanted to add a bit of life to PGV.

My thoughts on PGV (from a module developers point of view):

A) I echo fisharebest's items - vis.

 1. We should remove all presentation and layout from the HTML and put it in CSS. 
 2. Store everything in the database. This means everything. 
    It includes all the stuff we currently store in files. 

B) My own thoughts on what is needed.

 1. A simpler/better way to add a tab on the indi page.
 2. A developer's page giving some basic rules to follow of how to develop a module.
 3. A good way to be able to sort media by any means the user wants 
    (probably means an extra sort table in the database based upon an individual 
     with links to family items too e.g. marriage cert.)


Brian Holland