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A web host provides the hardware, software and support to clients who wish to publish content on the internet. Many web hosts will meet the minimum requirements to run PhpGedView, with some specifically advertising that they support PhpGedView. For some, the installation of PhpGedView may be beyond the ability of users who wish to install and use their own PhpGedView powered website. Therefore, some web hosts have included automatic (or "one-click") install scripts, making it very simple to install and setup.

When selecting a hosting solution ensure that they meet all of the installation requirements.

Hosts that support PhpGedView

  • Dreamhost - has a one-click install and a control panel for easy upgrades, but after upgrading you can get PHP errors and SQL errors, so DreamHost's upgrading doesn't seem to work right yet.
  • Dotservant.com website hosting
  • FamilyWeb
  • RelatedFamilies Automatic installation, Automatic upgrades, 15-Day Free Trial. No setup fee.
    • RelatedFamilies specializes in hosting Genealogy and Family web sites. PhpGedView will be automatically installed for you in a matter of seconds at sign-up time. Future upgrades will also be automatic.
  • Your Beginnings Ad supported.
    • YourBeginnings (YB) offers free website hosting for your family history using phpGEDView (PGV). PGV makes getting your family history on the Internet simple. YB installs the software on our server, configures the software and uploads your GEDCOM file for you. All you have to do is invite your users and document your family story. Ad supported.(24 Mar 2009)
  • Ancestor Tree free trial, security options, automatic upgrades, backups, no setup fee, no ads
    • Choose Ancestor Tree for the most complete full service Family Tree hosting available. We take care of all the website chores (installation, security configuration, upgrades, and backups) We emphasize friendly and competent customer service. Frequent backups - four times a day. Choose from four plans offering increasing security and access options. No ads! Your family website is safe with our secure, reliable, and high quality service. Try our PawPaw plan for free for 15 days.

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