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Gadget Surplus

This is the user page of Randy Harr. Leave me a message.


Randy has been using PHPGedView regularly since February 2009. While he continually evaluates it against paid and free services, he keeps coming back to it as a primary resource to store and maintain family history he is gathering. One of the big pluses is the multi-lingual support as his relatives (second cousins and closer) are spread throughout the world and are native with languages other than English.

A big goal of his now is to get a Wiki tied more closely in as a way to capture family stories and information. While he is impressed with some of the Joomla installations which embed PHPGedView, and knows MediaWiki (this site) can be so embedded as well; still not sure of this direction. Currently exploring other solutions and open to hearing from others on this topic.

Family Tree

Not the prettiest of setups, but you can view the current release at

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