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If you haven't come across me on the forums, I am one of the PGV developers.

I have been developing software since the late 1970s and contributing to PGV since 2006.

Random thoughts on PGV:

  • We should abandon support for PHP4.
  • Using classes is not the same thing as OO. OO requires other important concepts such as abstraction and data-hiding.
  • We should replace Pear::DB with something that isn't deprecated, such as PDO.
  • We should remove all presentation and layout from the HTML and put it in CSS.
  • We should use PHP's multibyte and internationalisation libraries instead of wasting time on our own slow/broken version.
  • Store everything in the database. This means everything. It includes all the stuff we currently store in files.
  • We need a data model that models the data, not one that models gedcom files. This will mean dropping support for synchronised gedcom files (which would be a good thing in itself).
  • Replace print_XXX() with print XXX();