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Start FileZilla/Fetch and log in to your web space. Drag/copy all files and folders in "work" to "family". Simply double click on filenames and folders in the left-hand pane. You can monitor progress in the lower pane. (Mac users - what happens?)

As a check, make sure you have the same number of folders, files and bytes in “family” as you have in “work”

Figure 1

There is some minor housekeeping required. Files and folders have “attributes” – these allow (or disallow) you from reading from, writing to, and executing their contents. If you still have your FTP connection open, find config.php in the right pane, then right-click on the file name and select “File attributes…”

Figure 2

The “numeric value” box shows you what is termed “chmod”, which reflects the attribute or permission allowed. Try clicking a few boxes on and off – for example, to allow users to write to the file config.php, click on the two empty “Write” boxes. chmod will change from 644 to 666. Then tick the 3 Execute boxes, and chmod will be 777. Leave them ticked for now – this file needs these permissions set this way. Later, when your site is set up and configured, you will be asked to come back to this point and make chmod 644 again.

While you’re doing this, right click on the icon for the “index” folder, and make chmod equal to 777. Set this same value for the “media” folder.

See also: Setting File Permissions