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I was having a look at the PGV branch from SVN yesterday and was testing a new install. I noticed that during PGV configuration, checks are done to see if the ./index dir is writable by the web server. However, you could then configure what directory was used by PGV as the index directory. I was confused as to whether these two index directories are one in the same, or if they are used for different purposes. Am I correct in assuming that the configurable index directory is where PGV will keep these Media? If so, what aout the ./media directory? Am I just confused? If so, I think it still needs clarification during the PGV configuration. --Nathanhaigh 19:38, 5 October 2007 (EST)

Hi Nathan,

There is just one index directory, which may or may not also be your Media Firewall Root Dir. For most installations, they will be the same.

There are two media directories. The standard directory is accessible from the web i.e.:


while the protected image directory is in the Media Firewall Root dir, i.e. it might be something like:


Any images you don't need to protect will stay in the web-accessible directory. Images you want to protect should be moved to the protected directory.


So this definitely doesn't have anything to do with the ./index directory during the PhpGedView configuration. I assume this simply going to be a configuration option? Has anyone thought about storing the images in the database, and if so, why it hasn't been used? --Nathanhaigh 18:34, 8 October 2007 (EST)

Sorry for the delay, I am not being notified when changes are made to the talk page.

About storing images in the database... Most hosting providers give a lot more filesystem space than they do database space, so people will generally have more room for media if it is stored on the filesystem. Plus the files can be updated via ftp, which is fairly simple. Performance is also a consideration. --ljm 27 Oct 2007