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7.4.06: I do my work online when I have time for to do it - so pleas be paintious, it is "under construction". But it will succeed.

22.4.06: PHP and CSS specialists are invited to add a more useful solution for to display internal HTML!


The more elegant solution for placing data within a phpGedView screen that you are looking for would be like this:

Create a file called blank.php which has all the necessary header and footer php code in it. Instead of placing the <body></body> information in this file, type the line


you should them be able to place several files in your themes directory and have them display in a phpGedView window. You'll have to change your menu to link to the page instead of the display.php file you created. The advantage of this method is:

  • It keeps most of the changes within the themes directory
  • Others can use the code modification once accepted into CVS
  • Reusing code. If you have several new pages you want to display like this, and want to slightly change the code surrounding the content, you only have to change the blank.php file once.

An extention of this would be to add a new option the code driving the menus to automatically set the link to blank.php?body= when the link type is set to some value.

If you get this working, submit it to the patches section as others will find it helpful.

Beakerboy 00:30, 3 May 2006 (EST)