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Contact: Nathan S. Watson-Haigh
Dev. Codebase: v1.0.1beta2

SimpleTest is an opensource PHP unit test, mock objects and web test framework developed by a third party. Users of JUnit will be familiar with most of the interface. JWebUnit style functionality is more complete now. It has support for SSL, frames, proxies, basic authentication and the standard HTML controls. The idea is that common but fiddly PHP tasks, such as logging into a site, can be tested easily.

SimpleTest is available as a module in PhpGedView (currently only in the development branch).

Test Organisation

You should familiarise yourself with how to write tests before continuing.

This directory is intended for unit testing files for individual classes.
This directory is intended for writing test groups. This allow for the logical organisation and running of a set of unit tests.
This directory is intended for test files that test the PhpGedView web interface.

Writing Tests for PhpGedView

External Links

Official website
SimpleTest API