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This page allows you to search for individuals by geographical location.

How this page is presented will depend on the settings that the System Administrator has put in place and how the data has been entered into the system. The Place Hierarchy is based on a number of levels. Places can be broken down into:-

  • City
  • County
  • State/Province
  • Country

This can be done by entering Place details in the following format City, County, State, Country when entering data. More information on the entering of Place details can be found here. This menu option as stated simply assists in finding persons based on Place data.

Opening Menu

Upon opening this list you will be presented with something similar to the following:-

Place hierarchy 7.jpg

As you can see this list contains a variety of places arranged in alphabetical order. In this case the place data was entered in a non-hierarchal manner. As such all places are shown on the one list. You can also see in this list extraneous data that has been entered and imported which should be located in other fields.

Clicking on any of these items will take you to a lower level list which will display the following:-

Place hierarchy 9.jpg

This list shows a list of Persons and Families relevant to that place. Clicking on any of the items will take you to the details for that person or family.

Other menu items that are available here are:-

  • Top Level:- This will take you back to the menu shown if Figure 1
  • Show All Places in a List:- This will show all the Places indicating their heirarchial structure

Hierarchal Display


In Figure 1 you will also see an entry for Australia. If the data being placed into the PhpGedView is done to a strict hierarchal structure for the top level menu you would only see country names. Clicking on a country name would then take you to a menu similar to figue ??, below


Place hierarchy 1.jpg

You will notice that the map is showing the states/provinces of the country. Users can now navigate here by clicking on the states shown on the map or by using the menus on the right. This menu will provide two categories of options. The top option box indicates to you the States/Provinces for which information exists. Users can navigate to any of these locations by clicking on the link. The bottom option gives you the ability to view all the Individuals and Families for that country. It will display a list similar to figure ??, above.


Selection of the top option - in this case "New South Wales" will display a menu similar to figure ?? below.

Place hierarchy 10.jpg

Above the boxes are hyperlinks letting you navigate back along the heirachial structure of places. The menu boxes will display a list of counties for which data exists. Clicking on these links will take you to the next level of Places.


In line with the preceding menus this will give you the option to select any Cities within the county for which data exists.

Place hierarchy 11.jpg

Finally selecting a town will take you to a menu similar to Figure 1, giving you the option to select an indiviaul or family.

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