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  • Provide a high quality documentation site for PhpGedview, that is maintained and updated by the user community.
  • Provide a location where PhpGedView users can access and share the knowledge gained in using PhpGedView.
  • Provide a location where users of PhpGedView can interact as an online community within and across language groups.
  • Provide basic genealogical information to assist users of phpGedView, to gain maximum benefit from the software.

Core Language

A quality document is one that provides the best information to the reader both in its content and how it is presented. PGVWiki is about supporting a single software package - phpGedView. Therefore it is singular in its focus, but has the flexibility to cater for different community groups based on language. Documentation will need to be consistent across ALL languages to achieve our purpose. As a community we are not attempting to write numerous books/manuals but to write ONE quality manual that can be translated into numerous languages. To this end it is essential that there is ONE CORE documentaion language and all other documents are translated from and to that ONE language. As phpGedView is an English based software product, its website's core language is English and we started PGVWiki in English, the base language be accepted is English.

Community Discussion

Community discussion is essential but the purpose of the wiki is not a chat room. The nature of a wiki must allow for interaction between community members. The results of these discussion will result in changes to documents etc. This is encouraged with the request that changes/improvements made should immediately flow into the English version, where they can then flow out to other versions. Good ideas come from everywhere and need to be shared.