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Look outward, not inward is a guiding principle of PGVWiki. The articles in the main namespace of PGVWiki should Look Outward, Not Inward.

The Look Outward, Not Inward principle is that all articles in the main namespace should be about phpGedView, not about the PGV Wiki. For example, the Main Page doesn't talk about the PGV Wiki so much as about Getting Help with phpGedView.

The ideas behind this principle are:

  • First-time visitors (potential contributors) come to PGVWiki to get help with phpGedView disinterested in the vehicle by which that help comes.
  • Information about the PGVWiki obscures the purpose of PGVWiki.
  • PGVWiki is like sausage. It tastes great, but you may not want ot know how it's made.