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The PERSONAL NAME STRUCTURE organizes the names or names of a specific individual.

 n  NAME <NAME_PERSONAL>                {1:1}
   +1 TYPE <NAME_TYPE>                  {0:1}
   +1 NPFX <NAME_PIECE_PREFIX>          {0:1}
   +1 GIVN <NAME_PIECE_GIVEN>           {0:1}
   +1 NICK <NAME_PIECE_NICKNAME>        {0:1}
   +1 SURN <NAME_PIECE_SURNAME>         {0:1}
   +1 NSFX <NAME_PIECE_SUFFIX>          {0:1}
   +1 <<SOURCE_CITATION>>               {0:M}
     +2 <<NOTE_STRUCTURE>>              {0:M}
     +2 <<MULTIMEDIA_LINK>>             {0:M}
   +1 <<NOTE_STRUCTURE>>                {0:M}

Note that GEDCOM technically only allows one nickname.  If you do have more than one, however, PhpGedView will display all of them.  But only the first will be displayed in quotes in the full name line.

As an alternative to the “standard” of

1 NAME Jane /Doe/
2 TYPE married

PhpGedView also supports the extension

1 _MARNM Jane /Doe/

The former will be shown at the top of the record with the type beneath (see the link for other types).&nbp; The latter will be displayed in the list of facts.