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Embedding PhpGedView Features in Mashups

"Mashing" or "Mashups" is the process of embedding content from other sites into your site. PhpGedView allows you to embed some its features in other web sites.

Interactive Tree

To embed an interactive tree from a PhpGedView site, you can modify the following line of code and paste it into your site:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourserver/phpgedview/treenav.php?navAjax=embed&rootid=I14&width=400&height=300"></script> 

The following parameters can be specified:

  • navAjax=embed - Required in order for the tree to be embedded
  • rootid - the ID of the person to start the tree at, the default is the default pedigree root id.
  • width - the width of the tree's viewport
  • height - the height of the tree's viewport
  • ged - the name of the GEDCOM to view