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A brief guide to installing the PunBB module.

To add the PunBB module:

  1. copy the included "modules" directory to your PhpGedView installation (if you did not download it with PhpGedView)
  2. Rename the PunBB config file at modules/punbb/config.php to configold.php using a program such as FileZilla or your hosting control panel's file manager.
  3. To activate the module use the url (replacing the bold portions appropriately):
    The path may vary according to your installation.
  4. When activating the module, you will be asked to fill out your database connection parameters again and create a forum administrator
  5. After saving the configuration, you may be prompted to copy the configuration text into the PunBB configuration file config.php
  6. The menu item for "Message Forum" from PHPGedView should now work.

To link to the forums, use the url:

Sample configuration file

A sample config.php file looks like this:

$db_type = 'mysql';
$db_host = 'localhost';
$db_name = 'arw_name';
$db_username = 'arw_user';
$db_password = 'password';
$db_prefix = 'punbb_';
$p_connect = false;
$cookie_name = 'punbb_cookie';
$cookie_domain = '';
$cookie_path = '/';
$cookie_secure = 0;
$cookie_seed = '433a0c44';
define('PUN', 1);

Re-activate after PGV update

If you are upgrading PhpGedView to a new version, the Message Forum may not work. You should save the copy of the configuration file before PGV upgrade. After the update, replace copy the saved PunBB config.php file to the modules/punbb directory.

PunBB upgrades

The version distributed with PhpGedView (PunBB 1.2.12 with PhpGedView 4.1.4) has been tested with this version. The upgrade may or may not work correctly. Check the PunBB installation instructions and the PunBB Forums for PhpGedView related entries.