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I would like to be able to display different color boxes in the pedigree display based upon whether the individual has an immigration/emigration record, and whether this record is empty or not. Perhaps even blink the record if it is empty. This will allow users to immediately see who were the emigrants. This could also apply to other record types.

Found an easy way to do this, using multiple class names in CSS.

Just add a few lines to your style.css (if you are using xenea theme, edit file : themes/xenea/style.css) and add new lines using fact's name.

To highlight people with EMIG fact, add :

.EMIG { background-color: gold; }

Other samples :

.CHR { font-style: italic; }
.EDUC { border: solid green 2px; }
   border-right-color: Blue;
   border-right-style: double;
   border-right-width: 8px;
   border-collapse: separate;