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Seeing that I am the first person to start a discussion, YEAH!! Also, since I could not find a "community" or "forums" for this site, I am not sure if this is the proper place to put this, but here it goes (if this is the wrong place for this, I apologize in advance -- please send me an email as to how I should approach this in the future and it shall be done ;) )...

Anyway, my trouble really doesn't lie with "Logging In", so much as it does with "Logging OUT" of my new installation. I installed, created a user (me) & logged in just fine. But when I went to log out, it keeps bringing me back to the editgedcoms.php page, and I am still shown as logged in. I had to actually go and delete my cookies in order to show me logged out. Now, I really do not want to have to delete my cookies each time I want to log out, and I am sure that there is a way to get this fixed.

If there is a configuration setting that I have missed or overlooked, please inform me -- I will change it accordingly. Please understand also, that I am not new to databases or php. I co-own a website, with 2 gentlemen from England, and I do almost all of the site maintenance, to include module installation, software upgrades and skin editing.

So, please, if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know. If you need to know any information from my configuration page, again, let me know, I will get it to you as fast as possible. My email address is

Thanks, Flint

  • Hi Flint, and welcome to PhpGedView. Unfortunately, this isn't the best/correct place to ask for help. For the benefit of others finding their way to this page, you should post to our sourceforge help forum. You should see a "community" section in the left side bar, and a "Contact" link, all the info is there. Did you overlook this, or is there some other way we could make it easier to find info about seeking help? --Nath | Talk 18:40, 18 January 2008 (EST)