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FAQ List

Add your own FAQs in this section to let casual visitors learn more about the site and let users learn about the conventions used by the system administrator in entering data. This feature is built into PhpGedView version 4.0 lets you include HTML in the text. This means that the FAQ text can contain links to other pages, either in PhpGedView, or elsewhere on the Web. Editing your FAQ in an HTML editor such as FrontPage or Macromedia for copy and paste of the code to this section yields unexpected results because some tags are not interpreted properly and a new line, i.e. [CR][LF], is treated like as a <br> tag.

Below are some examples FAQs that you can cut and paste.


FAQ Body

Should we say "Welcome, cousins"?
<ol><li>Registrants should be relatives, albeit distant cousins in many cases, 
but related to someone already listed OR someone who should be listed on our site;</li>
    <li>Registrants should be prepared to contribute to the site, including 
providing personal information as well as modifications, augmentation, 
amplifications and additions to the data;</li>
    <li>Registrants must pledge to protect the privacy of the data on all 
living persons on the site, and enter their own personal information. 
Violations will lead to immediate termination of access privileges and 
may be cause for legal action.</li>
If you agree, please use the 
<a target="_blank" href="http://www.yourPGVsite/login_register.php?action=register">
registration form built into the site</a> and complete the small questionaire with 
your relationship to relatives contained within the existing site and acknowledge 
your intentions to abide by the other "rules" and we'll authorize your account.

FAQ header: HOW DO I INPUT DATA? (Source:

FAQ Body

Many kins have been quite helpful in filling in blanks in particular branches 
fo this great tree and we anticipate you'll enjoy doing so too. 
Here are a few pointers:
<ol><li>HELP: It is prolifically provided on the site, in the header and 
everywhere behind most links and terms with the "?" image. Otherwise, 
if you are still confused, simply ask us via an email.</li>
      We use the Gedcom v5.5 standard format. DD MMM YYYY or 01 JAN 1822 
and 22 DEC 2004 instead of January 1, 1822 or Jan 1, 1822. 
The system automatically makes some minor corrections to input errors using Java.</li>
      We try, wherever known, to include the city and township (twsp) as well as 
the County, State and Country. The format we prefer is: 
Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana, USA
      We usually add USA (preferred - not US, U.S., or U.S.A.) behind the state 
and for foreign countries, we use the 3 letter international abbreviation.  
The prefered way to enter place is by clicking on the   sign of under 
the PLACE entry window. It will show a series of windows for country, 
state/province, county, city. Next to the country window is drop down 
list of countries with their international 3 letters designation.
      We do abbreviate STATES to their two letters. We prefer spelling out 
the entire location and we generally don't use periods (.) in names or locations, 
like Shelbyville, Addison Twsp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA instead of Shelbyville, 
Addison Twsp., Shelby Co., IN, U.S.A.</li>
   <li>NAMES: Entering of a name is pretty straight forward on the form.
      The INDI ENTRY BOX should already have expanded name fields. 
If not, both it and the places box expand by clicking the   sign.
      Name PREFIXes are Dr, Rev, Hon, Judge, etc.
      GIVEN names are the first and middle names.
      SURNAME is the family or last name. This is the maiden name for a married woman.
      SUFFIXes are Jr, Sr, III, MD, PhD...etc and
      NICKNAME is the name commonly used for the person if different from their Given name, 
i.e. John "Jack" Arnold would be a nickname of Jack, Daniel Wilson Avery had a nickname 
of Tuggy, and many Margarets had a nickname of Maggie, Nancy, Peggy, Polly or other, etc.</li>
   <li>SOURCES and CITATIONS: In genealogy, its not enough to simply say something 
"happened on such-and-such a date". Historians like proof. We do too! 
Please provide whatever information as to the source of the information you are providing. 
Look over the various sourcing notations available and use the NOTES option when in doubt 
or you need space to write. Put in more than you think may be necessary, it won't be too much.
      Any questions? Just ask if you don't understand.</li>
   <li>CHANGES and ENTRIES: The existing data for an INDI (individual) or family 
will not readily appear until approved by an administrator. Although we frequently 
check the site, send us an email if you want us to review and approve additions or 
modifications more rapidly. And gedcom facts pertaining to the creation or 
modification of a family unit are entered on the Close Relatives/Family link page. 
This is where you note marriages, divorces, children, family census - 
anything affecting the family unit. We find when adding several children, 
its best to bring up the VIEW FAMILY link for that husband/wife and add 
each child via the link at the bottom, 'ADD a CHILD to this Family'. 
It is faster than using the Close Relative page as with each addition 
it defaults back to the View INDI page rather than the Close Relative page.
      Any questions? Just ask if you don't understand.</li>
      We really appreciate your addition of pictures, Birth Certificates, 
Marriage Licenses and Certificates, Death Certificates - anything you've got for support. 
It's easy to add these from your own hard drive by using the MEDIA tab, 
ADD MEDIA link and UPLOAD/Browse feature.
      If you have questions, suggestions, or simply wish assistance, 
send your digital images to us by email and we can add them too.</li>
   <li>NAVIGATION: We love to navigate using the FAN CHART function 
and the ancestor and descendancy charts. Try them.</li></ol>


FAQ Body

<p>Privacy is important. The software enforces some privacy rules - primarily
the site hides details about people who are alive or who you are not related to.
Viewing details will require you to log on to the site with a userid and
password. This is linked to your place in the family tree.
<p>However, no system is unbreakable so the possibility of unintended access to 
the data remains.
<p>If you feel strongly about personal details being stored here, please contact 
xxxxx. Your details can be removed from the site. See also the FAQ on what information is on the site.

FAQ header: What information should be on the site?

FAQ Body

<p>Bearing in mind the earlier question on privacy it may be 
that some people will want less data than is suggested here. 
This is their perogative. The software makes provision 
for storing many types of facts - some of this may be 
too invasive for people who are still alive. 
The following suggests the minimum set of details 
for people who are alive. 
Comments or suggestions - please email me.
<li><b>Name</b>  - if the owner would like this detail masked, please use initials. 
A note is also attached with the Simplified Chinese characters where this is known.
<li><b>Gender</b> - if the person would like to mask this, set value to "Unknown".
<li><b>Date of birth</b> - if the owner would like this masked, 
a year of birth only would be helpful.
<li><b>Places</b> - Some facts such as Birth have a place associated with them. 
<li>For Australia, places are listed in "Suburb, State, Country" format
<li>For China, places are listed with modern Pinyin romanising. 
A note is also attached with the Simplified Chinese characters.