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This article explains how to use talk pages. A key feature of PGV Wiki is the ability to discuss articles and other issues with others on talk pages.

If you want to ask a question about an article, or you have a concern or comment, you can put a note in the article's talk page. You do that by clicking the "discussion" tab at the top of the page. Don't worry if the link shows up red - it's ok to create the talk page if it doesn't already exist.

Placement of new comments

When you post a new comment, put it at the bottom of the talk page. The exception is that if you're responding to someone else, put your comment below theirs. You can indent your comment by typing (:) at the beginning of a line.

Signing Comments

You should always sign your comments with a timestamp by clicking the "Your signature with timestamp" icon on the edit page, or by typing (--~~~~). When you save the page, your signature and the current time will be automatically inserted. Doing this helps to identify the flow of comments during a discussion.

Section headings

Make up a new section name for your comment and put it on its own line between double equal signs like this
==Section heading==

Ensure you choose a good heading that summarieses the intended discussion that will follow.


Indenting can help the layout of a discussion very much, making it much easier to read. A standard practice is to indent your reply one more level than the person you are replying to.

There are several ways of indenting:

Plain Indentations

The simplest way of indenting is to place a colon (:) in front of your paragraph. The more you place in front of the paragraph, the further indented it will be. for example:

This is aligned all the way to the left
:This is indented slightly
::This is indented more

Is shown as:

This is aligned all the way to the left

This is indented slightly
This is indented more

Bullet Points

You can also indent using bullets, usually used for lists. To INSERT a bullet, use an asterisk (*). Similar to indentation, more asterisks in front of a paragraph changes the indentation. A brief example:

*First List Item
*Second List Item
**Sub-Second List Item
*Isn't this fun!

Which is shown as:

  • First List Item
  • Second List Item
    • Sub-Second List Item
  • Isn't this fun!

Numbered Items

You can also create numbered lists. for this, use the hash symbol (#). This is usually used for polls and voting. Again, you can affect the indent of the number by the number of #'s you put before your line.

#First Item
#Second Item
##Second Sub?
#Third Item

Is shown as:

  1. First Item
  2. Second Item
    1. Second Sub?
  3. Third Item


Here is an example of a well formatted discussion:

Hi. I have a question about this article. I'm pretty sure purple elephants only live in New York!

Well, last time I was in New York, the elephants I saw were green.
I think you should find a source for your claims.
Okay - these elephant journals agree with me:
  • Elephants Monthly
  • Elephants World
I live in Australia, where the elephants look like kangaroos! These people agree with my statement:
  1. Mr. X
  2. Ms. Y
  3. Mr. Z