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The Gallery 2 module allows PGV to interface with Gallery 2.

This module has been tested with Gallery 2 version 2.1.1 Gallery 2 is still in beta status and could change in the future. I will try to update the module if future changes break compatibility.

To install this module, download Gallery 2 from the official website (see below) and install it in the modules/gallery2 directory. Browse to the modules/gallery2 directory and follow the instalation procedure. Once installed, put the gallery2.php file in the modules/ directory and replace modules/gallery2/index.php with the one provided. Go back to your PGV page and browse to module.php?mod=gallery2 . This should bring you to the Gallery 2 module.

If you would like a random media block, copy blocks/gallery2_random_media.php to your blocks directory.


Gallery 2 Beta 2
(optional) jhead
(optional) ImageMagick
(optional) jpegtran
(optional) ffmpeg         You'll have to search for it, hard to find

If you have gallery2 already installed, (as I did), I found I could copy embed.php from that directory to gallery2 of phpGedView and edit it replacing the __FILE__ with the path to that directory, and gain access to gallery2 from phpGedview.