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You can find the PhpGedView XML Report Template Documentation at The PhpGedView Official Website.

An example of a custom report is this descendancy report at Kevin Nowaczyk's Site

Some helpful hints:

  • Anything between a <PGVRGedcom> tag will not display if the value of the id atribute does not exist
<!-- This statement will only appear if the individual's record has a death recorded -->
<PGVRGedcom id="DEAT">This person died</PGVRGedcom>
  • To display the value of a second level attribute while the Gedcom context is set to a first level attribute, level="2" must be added to the <PGVRGedcomValue> tag. There is no mention of this XML attribute in the official documentation.
<PGVRGedcom id="BIRT">
  <PGVRif condition="@PLAC!=''"> 
    was born in <PGVRGedcomValue tag="PLAC" level="2" /> 
  • The reportengine.php code in version 3.3.5 (and most likely 3.3.6 and 3.3.7) has a few bugs which come into play when many <PGVRRepeatTag> tags are nested. There are times when two tags on the same line will cause them to not run or produce errors. Adding a line break between them will many times fix this.