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The so-called Core developers are the project leaders who insure that releases are made, try and insure that unanswered questions are addressed, and set a vision for the project where appropriate.

Current Core

Becoming a Core Developer

Generally a person is asked to join the Core development team after showing significant leadership and contribution to the project. A core developer is an individual willing to take on the responsibilities of timely code releases, answering questions from users and developers on the Mailing list, and generally setting a vision for the project. As a core developer you would have write access to the SVN repository. If you feel yourself or other individuals have shown themselves to be a dedicated developer to the project and that they should be part of the leadership team, please email a current Core developer.

However, anyone can contribute their work to the project. You can get started by working on things that interest you, such as fixing bugs you find annoying or submitting a patch for a new feature. You should always do your work on the latest future branch of the SVN.

Previous Core Developers

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