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PhpGedView was originally designed to use what is termed “index” mode. Here, the incoming data was stored just like a big text file, and information was retrieved from it by searching through it end-to-end. This was acceptable for small data files, but not for bigger ones. So another method was devised in which GEDCOM information is transferred to a database (“database” mode). This greatly decreases the time taken for any operation.

There are two versions of PhpGedView - known broadly as v3 and v4.

The exact versions at 15 September 2007 are 3.3.8 and 4.1.1

  • PhpGedView v3 allows you to use either index or database mode. It requires a web server with at least PHP v4.3.3 and around 20MB of web space. The default installations of PHP on most servers should provide you with all of the PHP functionality you should need.
  • PhpGedView v4 is database mode only. It requires the same basic items as v3, plus MySQL, a database application. The use of a database permits more efficient use of your data.

You may need to contact your ISP to check what facilities are available to you. If you intend to use database mode, your provider will need to set-up a named database with password, and give this information to you, or allow you this privilege.